Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Make a Truck Cake!

For Dallin's 2nd Birthday, I made a big rig truck cake!

I used three bread pans.

One regular size for the bed of the truck (the white part)

And two small ones for the front of the truck (in red)

I cut one of the small ones in half lengthwise and placed it on top of the other small bread pan.

Then I used food coloring to dye Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting red. My recipe? The vanilla cake from the Betty Crocker cookbook. Very easy!

Then, the fun part, accessories! Skittles for the headlights and taillights, mini doughnuts for the wheels, and dots and candles for the thingamajings on top!

The final touch. . . the writing! I didn't have any fancy shmancy cake decorating tips, so I just used a plastic bag, put frosting inside, and cut a small hole. It worked! At least you can tell what I wrote :).

I would have LOVED to decorate the pan to look like a road, but time/supplies would not permit me. I think that would be awesome though!
All the hard work paid off when I showed the cake to Dally boy! He LOVED it!


  1. Very cute! Almost too cute too eat!

  2. I am totally trying it for one of my boys this year. I did a dozer once & lets just say I had to explain to people what it was.